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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q) May I use one check to pay for all of my children?
A) Yes, you may use one check to pay for all of your children. Please remember to make a note on each form letting us know which form has the payment and the names of the children for whom you are paying.

Q) May I have my children pose together?
A) Yes, your children may pose together.

Q) Do I have to pay for the order the day of the shoot?
A) Yes, payment is due the day the photos are taken. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Q) Why do some forms have a shipping and handling fee?
A) This is always a league decision. Some leagues prefer to have the photos mailed directly to the families while other leagues prefer to have all of the photos returned to the league for distribution.

Q) For the forms with shipping and handling, do I have to pay the fee for each of my children or may I just pay it on one form? May I pick the photos up at your office to avoid the fee?
A) The shipping fee must be paid on each form. The photos are packaged separately as they are processed in our lab. They cannot be shipped together and they are not processed at our office. They are shipped directly from our lab.

Q) May I call you with my order or mail it in at a later date?
A) If it is necessary to order at a later date, it must be within 2 days of the shoot. After 2 days the lab has already entered the data for the orders and the prices will increase with an additional processing fee and shipping and handling fee will be added to the order.

Q) What if I cannot be there the day of the photo shoot?
A) If your league has not already scheduled a makeup day, give us a call to have one scheduled for you.

Q) May I make substitutions in a package?
A) No. Substitutions may not be made in packages.

Q) May I fill out one form for all of my children?
A) No, a separate form needs to be completed for each photo taken. You may pay for all the photos with one check as stated above but each image needs its own form.

Q) What if I lose my order form?
A) We always bring extra forms the day of the shoot.

Q) May I view my photos on-line?
A) No, photos may not be viewed on-line.

Q) What if I want to order more photos at a later date?
A) A re-order form will be included when you receive your photos or you can reorder on our web site. You may also call us at any time.

Q) What if I have a problem with my order?
A) Give us a call on our toll free number so we can correct the problem A.S.A.P.

Q) What if I do not like my photos?
A) We guarantee everything 100%. We will be happy to reshoot your photo or refund your money.